About "SALEO" Holding

The Holding was created with the reorganization in January 2014 of "PMI GROUP" JSC into "PMI GROUP" LLC and further renaming thereof in February 2014 to "SALEO" LLC as a parent company for the production of hydraulics for mobile machinery in Dzerzhinsk, Minsk region.

Registration certificate

In March 2014, the company received the Head of State A.G. Lukashenko on a working visit. As a result of the visit it was decided to establish "SALEO" Hydraulic Holding on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. In accordance with Presidential Decree No.328 "SALEO" Holding includes "Gidroprivod" JSC (Gomel) and "Gidromash" JSC (Kobrin), both having a long-term experience in manufacturing hydraulics for mobile machinery and industrial equipment. In 2014, the enterprises were renamed in "SALEO-Gomel" JSC and "SALEO-Kobrin" JSC.

Wide range of products

The main purpose of "SALEO" Holding is the production of high-quality hydraulic components in accordance with global technologies using high-tech modern equipment allowing the production of competitive products.

The product range includes dosing pumps of various sizes, hydraulic distribution units, priority valves, high-pressure hoses, hydraulic cylinders, axial-piston hydraulic machines and much more.

The Holding’s products are intended for installation on road-building, agricultural, forestry, utility, weight-handling, and other specialized machinery, as well as on machining equipment.

Modern production process

Experts of the Holding companies regularly improve their professional level through trainings held by manufacturing factories of equipment and tools in Germany, Italy, Japan, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Israel.

Technical solutions used by engineers of the Holding enterprises for designing hydraulic devices provide an opportunity to improve the quality of products, into which they are to be installed, and to ensure the competitiveness of such products compared to their global counterparts.

The companies of the Holding are equipped with up-to-date technologies and equipment of the best global manufacturers: Mazak, BMI, Blohm, Melchiorre, Studer, Kadia, Stama, Arthur Klink, IMEL

Modern equipment

The manufacturing process involves computerized test benches, which are easily reconfigured to test new technical solutions of any hydroelectric complexes, as well as laboratory equipment for quality control.

Recognized quality

Quality Management System has been certified for compliance with СТБ ISO 9001-2015, ISO 9001: 2015 (Certificate TüV Thüringen e.V., Germany, No.TIC 15 100 159221).

Today "SALEO" Holding produces not only hydroelectric complexes and units for mobile machinery and industrial equipment, but also plasticware and ABS products for exterior and interior design of automotive cabins and specialized machinery cabins, as well as technical fixtures. Currently, the Holding is mastering the production of cooling systems for road-building and agricultural machinery.

Sales geography

Today, the products of "SALEO" Holding are delivered to Eastern and Western Europe, Latin America, South Asia, North Africa, as well as to all leading machine-building enterprises of the Republic of Belarus.