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Steering units

  • Open center steering units.
  • LS line steering units (static and dynamic control signal).
  • Steering units designed for operation with OSQ flow amplifiers.
  • Two-section open center steering units.
  • Two-section LS line steering units with a dynamic control signal.
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Hydrostatic transmissions

  • Closed loops
  • Working volume axial-piston hydraulic units 45, 112, 130 cм3
  • Max pressure up to 45 MPa
  • Integrated overload protection.
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Hydraulic cylinders

  • Hydraulic piston cylinder with single-acting rod output
  • Hydraulic piston cylinder with double rod output
  • Plunger hydraulic cylinder
  • Telescopic hydraulic cylinder
  • They are used to control: by turning the wheels,rigs, bucket, boom
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Hydraulic distribution units

  • Rated flow, l/min 15…250
  • Monoblock and sectional design.
  • Control Type: hydraulic, mechanical (lever, cable, mechanical joystick)
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